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We have grouped our general advice statements and standard handouts into categories. Please click on the document to download a copy or make a printout.



What is your Dog Telling you?

Care of your Puppy

Basic guidelines for you to follow

Choosing a Boarding / Quarantine Kennels

Questions to ask and a useful checklist

Teaching your dog to come when called

The do's and dont's of recall training

Having a sociable dog

How to socialise your dog so that they are well behaved with new people and other dogs


How to successfully housetrain your puppy or dog

Introducing Dogs & Cats

Outlines ways in which to manage this introduction safely

Kennel Cough

What are the symptoms?

Pet Dental Care

Some facts and points to follow to help prevent your dog developing dental problems

How to get your dog to walk nicely on the lead

How long does it take to teach a dog to walk nicely on the lead?


Fit, Not Fat

Fit pets will tend to have longer and healthier lives

Dog Vaccines

Your Questions Answered

Stressed Pets

Understand the causes and recognise the warning signs to help prevent stress occurring

Pets & The Family

Illustrates how to get a new pet established as a member of the family

Pets Have Teeth Too

Looking after their teeth is an important part of preventative health care

Be responsible - Worm Your Dog

Regular worming is essential to make sure your pet enjoys the best of health

Choosing a kennel or cattery

Includes a useful checklist

A guide to insuring your pet

Why insure?

Getting a New Puppy

Where do I start?


Operation Consent Form

Before we can operate or perform a procedure, we need you to provide your permission by completing this form

Pre and Post-Operative Instructions

A checklist of what we need you to do before and after your pet's operation

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