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Principal Veterinary Surgeon

Alistair Poole MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

After graduating from Glasgow in 1985, Alistair started work in a mixed practice in St Albans, met his wife Susan and soon grew to like the area. It became apparent that the technical and medical nature of small animal practice was his preferred field, whilst it had always been his intention to have his own practice. After a couple of gap winters to indulge his passion for skiing and two employments in London running branch surgeries for large groups, a property finally became available in Harpenden in 1991 and the practice opened in 1992.

Alistair’s special surgical interests are orthopaedics, corrective plastic surgery and urology. His principal medical interests are dermatology and endocrinology. He is always keen to keep up to date with the latest developments but is an absolute believer in keeping things down to earth and seeking as straightforward a solution as possible – probably a result of his northern origins!

Sue and Alistair have two sons, George and Edward, and a Cocker Spaniel called 'Peggy'.

Veterinary Surgeon

Jill Steed MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Jill qualified in 1988 from the Royal Veterinary College in London and then worked briefly in a farm animal practice in Herefordshire to sample the delights of large animal work. She then spent 8 years working in a mixed practice in Hertfordshire. After having her disabled son David, she worked as a locum for various local practices, taking up regular employment in one of them after a few years. As Jill also has a daughter Katherine, she works part time and joined the practice in 2003.

Jill's principal interest is soft tissue surgery so she performs most of the neutering and growth removal. Her main medical field is ophthalmology. She is always keen to expand her knowledge and regularly attends courses and seminars.

Jill enjoys caring for her cat Groat', who is a polydactyl (8 toes on each front paw and 7 on each back), has half a tail and is always getting into mischief! Jill also owns a pony called 'George', a flock of chickens and a black Labrador called 'Fern' who often comes to the surgery, where she is always ready to greet the clients with a friendly lick!

Elizabeth Davenport

Elizabeth Davenport MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

Liz graduated in 2008 from the Royal Veterinary College in London and initially worked for two years in mixed practice. Having tried her hand at all aspects of veterinary work, she decided to focus her career on small animal practice, joining a busy first opinion practice in North Hertfordshire. She particularly enjoys this sector of veterinary medicine and surgery due to the varied case load it provides and the opportunities to build good client and patient relationships.

Liz has known the practice for many years, having grown up and been educated in Harpenden and her family have been long standing clients of the practice. Liz also frequently spent time at the surgery during her training. As she has recently welcomed her daughter, Rita, into the world she is thrilled to have joined the practice in 2014 and to be now working part time in her home town.

Liz thoroughly enjoys all aspects of the general practitioner, but is particularly interested in emergency and critical care and also the care and health of the geriatric patient. She enjoys attending courses and seminars to further her knowledge.

Liz has a horse called Firefly and a rescue dog called Dexter. Dexter was brought to Liz as a young puppy fighting for his life after travelling over from Ireland – now fighting fit and 5 years on, he has been one of the most rewarding cases of Liz's career so far, and consequently he gets away with everything!

Veterinary Nurse

Michelle Canny VN - Veterinary Nurse

Michelle qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in August 1996 and started her career working within 2 Veterinary Practices in Bedfordshire. She took a year out during 1998 to travel and work as a locum in Australia where she enjoyed caring for the various exotic animals such as lorikeets, kookaburras & blue-tongued lizards! She then returned to the UK to work as a locum in Scotland for a year.

Michelle owns a rescue dog called Dylan a terrier cross and a very naughty ginger cat called Finnegan. Finnegan has already used one off his 9 lives after being in a road traffic accident which resulted in a ruptured diaphragm, thanks to our vet Jill Steed who performed emergency surgery he has made a full recovery and continues to torture Dylan daily.

Michelle has 2 young children Ethan and Orla so currently works part time and has been happily employed with us since May 2004!

Veterinary Nurse

Wendy Wood VN BSc - Veterinary Nurse

Wendy began her career at De Montfort University and gained a degree in Environmental Studies. Despite her interest in the environment she decided she would be more suited to working with animals. In November 2001 Wendy began training to be a Veterinary Nurse at the surgery and qualified in 2004. She now works with us part time.

Wendy has a special interest in anaesthesia and surgical nursing so she enjoys working in theatre assisting the operating Veterinary Surgeon. Wendy ensures that you are reminded of your pet's booster vaccinations and uses her good organisational skills in other areas of administration. She has recently qualified as an assessor and is able to support the Student Veterinary Nurses in their studies.

Wendy is a real cat lover and has a black and white moggie called 'Zeek' who frequently brings home unwanted gifts for her!

Veterinary Nurse

Clare Wilding RVN BSc - Veterinary Nurse

Clare graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 1996 with a chemistry degree. After spending a year working in a hospital laboratory she realised that her life-long love of animals was really the driving force behind her future career. Clare qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1999 and worked at a small animal practice in Rickmansworth for 6 years until deciding to have a break to start a family. Clare has been happily employed as a part time Veterinary Nurse at this practice since returning to nursing in 2012. Her areas of interest within the nursing profession are predominantly small animals, exotics and anesthesia.

Clare currently has two dogs; a three legged rescue Border Terrier/Jack Russell cross called Dixie and a crazy Cocker Spaniel called Eddie, she also has a tortoise, a rabbit and a guinea pig.

When not spending time with the animals, the rest of Clare time is spent with her family, she has two children (Libby and James). She also has finds relief in driving her much loved Corvette.

Practice Administrator

Lisa Davies - Practice Administrator

Lisa began her career in 1987 working for a veterinary practice in Bedfordshire. She has gained experience in the various job roles needed within a practice: nursing, administration, credit control and practice manager. Lisa especially enjoys meeting the clients and their pets.

She owns two cats 'Dudley & Angel' and a rescue staffordshire bull terrier called 'Roxy' who is thoroughly spoilt. Lisa has a teenage daughter Tayla and so currently works part-time and has been happily employed since November 2008.

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